Man of the Year 2009

The title is very tongue and cheek! 😉

Through some contacts at work I was able to get several of my images into three different company calendars for 2009. In the coming year I will have 13 images displayed around Tasmania. Two in the Tasmanian Alkaloids calendar on the months of February (Richmond Bridge) and July (Safety Cove Sunrise).

The other two company calendars I’m in are filled exclusively with my photos. Gunns has Safety Cove Sunrise (the only image to double up), Port Arthur, The Hazards Sunset, Mt Roland, Picnic Rocks and Freycinet Boats. FRM has The Entrance to Georges Bay, Government Gardens, Albert Hall, Tasman Island Sunrise, Evercreech and Safety Cove Yellow.

I am very excited to have so many images appearing in calendars next year. I’ll have to get out and take more photos next year, otherwise I’ll have nothing for the 2010 calendars. It would be nice to have at least some of my images in each of these calendars every year, and maybe some other calendars as well.


One thought on “Man of the Year 2009

  1. JRP

    WOW Col – I’m SOOOOO impressed! I really am truly proud of your work being featured like this. I’d love a copy of one of them! 🙂

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