2008 Colblue in Review

2008 was a strange year for me with my photography. As the year started I was taking a lot of motorsports images but, all the while I was growing bored with them, as a result I soon gave them away after Easter. I wanted to spend more time taking landscapes so I planned a east coast holiday and spent a week taking photos. I managed to get some really good shots in that one week period, which is lucky because I didn’t get out to take another landscape for the rest of the year (till last week, anyway).

I spent a lot of my time working at my full time job and playing golf. Because I wasn’t getting out taking photos I started thinking I wouldn’t get back out there. I still took some shots in that time; all of them work related, product photos mainly. Then something extraordinary happened, I started getting my photos in company calendars. When that happened I got a rejuvenating shot in the arm and wanted to get out and take more landscapes. Unfortunately I still couldn’t find the time for them (it was driving me crazy).

In the last three months of the year I did some paying jobs that at least got me using my camera again. I even bought some extra goodies for it! But as I mentioned, I didn’t get out to shoot anymore landscapes till the last few days in the year, they will be shown in the coming weeks! I was so glad to finally get back out there. It was a very calming experience to just shoot for me! I didn’t get as many shots as I had hoped but it was still enjoyable.

So on to my favourite shots of the year 2008. Many of these shots were taken in that one week holiday I took earlier in the year, seven of them to be exact. I’ll try and put them into a chronological order.

This was one of the first shots I took for the year of the January full moon. I had never taken a shot of the moon with so much detail before.

These shots were taken in the months leading up to Easter.

In April I finally got away for a week down the east coast of Tasmania. It was a good trip which saw me almost get my car stuck on a beach, I found every dirt road ever made, get sea sick, take a wrong turn, and take some of my best ever photos. It was eventful!!

This is one of the rare shots I’ve taken in my home town of Launceston.

One last shot from my last photo shot of the year. This was an unplanned shot that I managed to capture.

Well, that was my year. I don’t know what is in store for me in 2009 but, I hope it will involve taking photos and seeing more of this wonderful state, Tasmania.


2 thoughts on “2008 Colblue in Review

  1. suehenryphotography

    Colin, I loved the year in review and you certainly featured some very, very nice images. You simply HAVE to travel more this year and continue capturing those wonderful landscape images!

    And, you know, folks like me would love to see more of your “home town.” The one image you shared is interesting.

    Happy New Year! Looking forward to following you and your photography throughout the year on this blog!

  2. tomamoisii

    Hello, Colin! First of all, thank you for visiting my blog. Really appreciate it. 🙂 Second of all, I took my first tour to your blog and saw that your specialty is landscape photography; your landscapes are fantastic, I really like the way you “see” every shot and the way you edit the photos(my fav is the one with the seaside at dusk/dawn in this post 😀 ). Thank you very much for your comments, best regards from Eastern Europe :). Tom

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