Flowers and Things

These are more shots I took with my 50mm F/1.8 lens. These are cropped. I couldn’t get close enough with the 50mm but I still like the results.

This bee was huge!!! I ducked when it took off. It sounded like a plane taking off!


3 thoughts on “Flowers and Things

  1. JRP

    Col, the Dof is grrreat on these! I love that bokeh. I’m going to have to try the 50mm on nature…although I don’t want to get close to bees… 🙂

    You need to save up for a 105mm! You’ll love that with flowers! I do!

  2. suehenryphotography

    I’m a little late getting to this party! And a festive one at that. Love the colors and the action of the bee. #3 is my fav. Love it! I think the 50 mm will be next on my list of items to acquire.

  3. colblue Post author

    Thanks Jen! 🙂

    I have my eye on the 105mm but it will be a while before I can afford it. For the time being the 50mm will have to met my requirements.

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