West Head Lookout

This was my next stop after leaving Bradys Lookout on the Tamar River. I was much calmer after taking the shots of the Tamar but I was behind schedule. I had planned a drive to different locations to coincide with the sun. Due the the fact I was already 2 hours behind I changed my plans and only managed to hit two other places. This is the second of the three spots.

I drove down the west side of the Tamar and arrived at Greens Beach. From here I took Gardners Road out to the West Head lookout. It’s in a national park so permits do apply. The lookout looks over Anderson Bay towards Badgers Head.

I can tell you it was blowing!! The trees aren’t leaning inland for there health. 🙂 A couple of times I found it hard to keep my eyes open while taking photos. I had to take my hat off or it would be lodged in a sand dune by now.

At this point I had almost forgotten I’d been at work earlier in the day. It was a very nice feeling!


2 thoughts on “West Head Lookout

  1. JRP

    WOW Col, this place is paradise. The water at the Jersey shore doesn’t look like this at all! Gorgeous! I’m super jealous!

  2. suehenryphotography

    It is amazing how we can get out with our cameras and forget everything that clouds and clogs our mind and soul. So glad you got out and captured these awesome images.

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