Low Head Lighthouse

This was the last stop after the Tamar River and West Heads. Low Head lighthouse, on the eastern side of the Tamar river. I have been here once before and since then had been thinking of going back. The previous time I was there I didn’t venture down past the lighthouse but I could see some potential for some good shots.

I made my way through the gate and carefully walked down the step hill. I was walking past some large bushes when I came across two sheep grazing (the area is used for grazing by the owners). I saw them and they saw me. I brought the camera up nice and slowly trying not to spook them. I got the focus and exposure almost set when they decided, much like the sheep in the paddock, that they weren’t having any of this and did a runner.

I proceeded down towards the sound of the waves breaking on the rocks. I was having fun jumping across the rocks finding different angles to shoot from. I didn’t get too close to the waters edge since I was going to have my back turned to the waves. The last thing I wanted was to be drenched. I finally found a good spot to shoot from and found I had to clean the lens, it was covered with sea spray.

The walk back up the hill was a heart breaker, especially on the last few steps. But it was all worth it because these shots were my favourites from the entire day. I still want to go back there close to sunset, the light should be better then (or at least closer to what I had pictured in my mind) and should provide more dramatic shadows. But that can wait for a later date.


4 thoughts on “Low Head Lighthouse

  1. suehenryphotography

    Oh my! Breathtaking! Beautiful sky day; beautiful lighthouse; beautiful landscape! The first and the last ones are my favorites, but, my goodness, what a fantastic series. And, I enjoyed reading the accompanying narration; picturing in my mind every step you took!

    What lens did you use, Colin?

  2. julielawsonphotography

    Seriously amazing landscape Colin. One day I hope the hubby and I can visit this beautiful land.

  3. JRP

    Col, there are COMPLETELY AMAZING! I adore lighthouses and these photos are fantastic from the perspective you were at!

    Great vantage points u chose! Love the rocks in the foreground shot.

    Like Julie said – I need to get there. Maybe Julie and I can save money from all of the photography work we’re going to have and come and visit. That would be some trip for a photo quest!!

  4. colblue Post author

    Thanks Sue. 🙂

    I used my 18-200 vr lens for these shots. I only have the two lens at the moment (can’t afford any others yet), so the 18-200 gets used quite a lot. It’s a good all round lens and saves carrying too many lens on long walks.

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