Going up the Nut

Stanley is situated on the far North West Coast of Tasmania. The major attraction of Stanley is The Nut.

The Nut itself is 152m (500 ft) tall, and was formed when lava cooled to form basalt rock. It is possible to either climb The Nut by a walking track, or take a chairlift to the top. The Nut was known as Moo-Nut-Re-ker by the Tasmanian Aboriginals, and by 1851, sailors had come to know it simply as The Nut.

I choose to walk the Nut basically because it didn’t look that steep. I was wrong! My heels didn’t touch the path as I walked up the track, that’s how steep it was.

I stopped several times in the pretense of taking photos of the scenery, I was really catching my breath. šŸ™‚

This is shot from about one third up the Nut.

This is roughly the halfway point.

Finally at the top!


5 thoughts on “Going up the Nut

  1. graspthemoment

    Wow brother… amazingly beautiful. MY favorite is the second one from the top. Great work.

  2. suehenryphotography

    Congratulations on your determination to “crack this nut.” Your beautiful images proved the effort was well worth it!

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