Launceston Seaport

I think I can take a better shot of Launceston seaport, but as I don’t have many shots of my home town, this will just have to do for now. I remember when this was a seaport, now it’s full of restaurants, bars and accommodation.


6 thoughts on “Launceston Seaport

  1. tomamoisii

    I just hate the fact that you live in Australia and you have just the perfect weather over there for landscape shots [your landscapes are just great, by the way :)] …wish it was that sunny in Romania (it’s a rare thing to have sunny days over here if it’s not summer) 😛
    Great shots! Best regards, Tom!

  2. colblue Post author

    Mel, you are more than welcome to visit or move here.

    Kevin, thanks mate. I is a nice place to grow up!

    Tom, don’t hate me for living in paradise. 🙂 We have plenty of bad weather days to go along with the good.

    Sue, it really is. I need to take more shots of my home town to show you just how pretty it is.

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