The sun doesn’t always shine

Hello all. I am still here I just haven’t got a lot to say or show you at the moment. There are no photos today. However, in the mean time I thought I would tell you about a little photo excursion I took a while back. Enjoy! 🙂

On my recent trip down to Hobart I managed to have a little adventure. It’s not unusual for me to have things happen when I got out taking photos but this one could have been worse.

I was staying with a mate in Hobart. On the last day, Tuesday morning, I planned to leave early and get to the top of Mt Wellington for the sunrise over the city. I went to bed early and got up at 4am. I packed my bags and headed out to the front door. This was when I realized I didn’t know where the exterior light switch was.

I didn’t want to wake anyone so I felt my way to the door while carrying my big travel bag. I opened the door and the screen door and stepped out onto the small landing. That’s when things went horribly wrong! I thought I was still stepping on the landing but my foot went off the edge and I was plummeting towards god knows what in the dark. I ended up face first in his garden. 🙂

I can laugh now but it could have been a lot worse. I got up and loaded the car then went back inside to see what damage I’d done to myself. I had wood chips all over me, a couple were stuck to my face. I was also bleeding for my right arm a little, nothing much but it has left a bruise.

So stunned and tired I headed up the mountain. It was going well till I had almost reached the top. That’s when I hit a huge cloud bank that was hanging over the top of the mountain. I couldn’t see more than a few metres in front of me but I knew there was a big drop to my left. I got to the top and it was bizarre. I could see weird lights in the clouds that were there for only a moment. Other than that I couldn’t see much. It was freezing cold! I was glad I had trousers and a lined raincoat.

I wondered around for a few minutes trying to get my bearings. I knew the sun wasn’t far away from coming up and I also knew the cloud wasn’t going to lift in time. So I made the decision to head back down without any shots being fired. So I went through all that hassle for nothing, typical really. 🙂

This story disproves the theory that Tasmania always has great weather for photography. In fact the story doesn’t end here. Two weeks later I travelled back down south for the day and made the trip back up the mountain to see what I had missed. Once I got to the top I was greeted with freezing gale force winds and rain. At this point I was beginning to think the mountain had something against me.

I did get some rather bland shots from the lookout platforms which I will process someday. I haven’t processed them yet because they really didn’t excite me. The most exciting part about the second trip up the mountain was the wind. I tried to climb the short distance to the very top of the mountain but, I was beaten by the elements. I’m almost certain that if I had spread my arms out I would have been blown off the top and would have landed somewhere in Hobart.


I was very glad I was wearing a wind breaker or I would have completely frozen to death up there. I mean I was cold but I saw some stupid young girl wearing very, very short shorts, thongs (that is flip flops for my American viewers) and a tank top. I can only imagine how unbelievably cold she was.

Anyway I do hope to get some more photos posted soon. I did get some good shots while I was down south. I just need to get motivated to process and post them. 🙂


2 thoughts on “The sun doesn’t always shine

  1. suehenryphotography

    If only we (your photo buddies) could have been little birdies to watch you! Glad you are OK, but still would have been funny to watch.

    Hope the weather changes soon so we can view more beautiful Tasmanian images!

  2. JRP

    I remember you sharing this story with me. =) Glad you posted it (not glad you had the mishap) although I would have like to have seen a photo of you after the fall to go along with the story! LOL!

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