I’ve been playing with a photoshop plug-in called ReDynamix. I wasn’t too sure about it to begin with. The results were interesting but it created a lot of noise in the process. I have since found a couple ways of reducing the noise created by ReDynamix and I’m very happy with the results.

All of my original images don’t get touched/altered, I import them into Lightroom and export Tiff’s and Jpeg’s to work on. The first way I have found to reduce noise is to export as a 16 bit Tiff. Then in photoshop change the bit amount to 8 bit so the plug-in will work. This saves quite a lot of detail.

These images were done before I came up with the 16bit tiff idea. They only show what detail can be found in images that may look rather poor to begin with. They were all taken during a 3 hour Eco Cruise around the Tasman Peninsula coastline. During this trip I felt rather sea sick due to the fact I was forever taking photos. In other words, I was always looking through the view finder. This had an adverse effect on me. I didn’t feel too good by the end of it but the trip was well worth it!


5 thoughts on “ReDynamix

  1. tomamoisii

    Cheers, Colin! All I can say is “Wow”…you did a great job on these, #3 is just breathtaking, very well composed! …and the one with the seal is also very cool! Best regards!

  2. suehenryphotography

    Glad to read your “review” of ReDynamix as well as see the results. ♥ #3 and #4!!!!

  3. Elaine O'Brien

    Collin, love this! Those rocks look like books stacked in a library and the seal is a crack up!
    George introduced me to Redynamix and I love it, but found that a little goes a long way. Lightroom is my next purchase I think. Thanks for the information!

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