HMAS Stuart

My previous post was about ReDynamix and this post is also about it. This time I’m showing a couple images that have been created a little differently.

What I did with these was create a fake HDR in Photomatix. I did this by taking the original image and making two copies of it, one 1exp higher and 1 exp lower. This made them look like they had been bracketed.

Next step was to generate a flat looking HDR in Photomatix and then save as a 16 bit tiff. From there I open the tiff up in photoshop and apply ReDynamix to give he image some pop.

This is the HMAS Stuart, an Anzac class frigate. I only wish I could have gotten to other good vantage points to shoot this vessel. I have a fascination with warships, I like the powerful look of them. I remember seeing the Missouri when it was docked in Hobart. I got to walk on the deck and see the big guns. I don’t remember a lot about it, it must have been 17 or 18 years ago. Maybe longer. But I do remember seeing the plaque commemorating the end of World War 2. Another photo opportunity missed.


6 thoughts on “HMAS Stuart

  1. oneshotbeyond

    and it does POP. Whatever you did was well worth the effort. Did you start with the raw image? I am facinated by this one. The sky, the water reflecting off the side, the flag…all of it. Just perfect. The conversion is good, but the color is brilliant!

  2. tomamoisii

    great HDR, Colin! I love the way the flag is blowing in the wind and all the colors in the water. Really pops up ! Greets from Europe 🙂

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