What has been happening!?!

Wow, I look at my last blog post and I think “it has been a while”! August 13th 2009 was my last post and that was about the time my life changed completely. On August 11th 2009 I had the first date with the woman I would later marry, and since then I have proposed, got engaged, got married, had a world honeymoon and settled into married life. Now life is moving on and everything is changing again.

I recently got Kim into blogging by setting her up with a blog so she can communicate with other crafters and stampers. She has a talent for card making with rubber stamps. She has had some success in getting me into crafting as well, but I don’t do it as often as Kim. The blog came about when she submitted some work to another blog to try and join their design team. She wasn’t successful, but she has been given a guest designer spot which will be in July. Her blog can be found here at Wet Chook Productions. Wet Chook is a name we came up with quite some time ago and relates to the Chickens her parents had, we now have them in our yard. The story is in more detail on her blog.

I would hope that in the coming months I will be able to share some photos from our honeymoon. We went around the world in 45 days visiting Las Vegas, The Grand Canyon, Vancouver, the Canadian Rockies, Toronto, Niagara Falls, New York, Scotland and England. Between us we took over fifteenth thousand photos with Kim becoming quite a good photographer in the process. I still haven’t had a chance to look at all of the shots yet, but I have been working on an 18 shot panorama of Emerald Lake in the Yoho National Park, Canada.

I have also been working on my memories from the honeymoon, finishing the 54 thousand word first draft last weekend. It is now in the hands of Kim to read and try and thing of things I have missed, which I am sure there will be many. Even now I know I missed things out which I remembered after finishing. I’m sure everything will get in by the time I come to printing it. My aim is to put together a large book detailing what we did during our trip along with images we have taken. I don’t imagine it will get done too soon, but at least we will have the trip written down for the future.

Here are a few photos from that time period.

Here are a couple photos from the wedding which were taken by our wonderful photographer Sarah Kirton of Momento Photography.


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