Just Add Ink 62 – Bag or Box

When I saw this Just Add Ink challenge my initial thought was I probably wouldn’t do it. But as it happened I had been planning on making a box for the Colour Coach my lovely wife got me, so I got to work on the idea. The box itself was the easy bit, coming up with a design for the exterior was the challenge.

The design came to me while I was sitting at work thinking about creative challenges in general and about the colour coach. The thought that came to me was “what comes first, the colours or the design”? My next thought was “that sounds a lot like the chicken and the egg conundrum”, and then it struck me…. I could do a chicken on one side of the box and an egg on the other. Chicken or Egg? Colours or Design? To me it made perfect sense, but that may not be the case for anyone else.

The Rooster on the box has been coloured using colour pens, pastels and water colour. To finish it off I embossed it to give it texture and depth along with a little more detail. The egg started out as a photo which I took into Adobe Illustrator and created a general rasterized image giving me the outline of an egg. when I printed it out onto Whisper White stock it did have a slight gradient, but nothing too overbearing. I finished it off with some sponging and spritzing to give it colour and texture similar to an egg. And lastly I coloured the edges a little so it stood out better.

The backgrounds behind the rooster and the egg are two card stocks (whisper white and Baha breeze) sponged with Not Quite Navy ink to give a gradient. Then I cut the Whisper white into sections and pasted them onto the Baha Breeze. The effect is pretty much what I had envisaged in my head so I was rather pleased with the results.

The final touches were to soften the sides by sponging the Not Quite Navy ink on them and to also add our address to one side (should we misplace it) and to put my name on it. Also, I added ribbon and card stock cover with closes with velcro. The Baha Breeze ribbon was a little too light so I darkened it up with some ink.

I hope you enjoy. 🙂


10 thoughts on “Just Add Ink 62 – Bag or Box

  1. Sharnee Torrents

    OH WOW!!!! YOu totally rocked this Colin!!! If it’s not a top pick then there’s something very wrong!!! I mean look at that sponging and the way you’ve made it look like rays coming out and the egg and then the pic’s you took!!! AMAZING!!! OUTSTANDING!!! SUPER!!!
    There is no way your treasured Colour coach will get scruffy now!!!
    SMiles Sharnee 🙂

  2. colblue Post author

    Thanks mate, I put a lot of work into it. It didn’t get a mention, but at least my colour coach is protected. I also get to look at it when ever I want. It is impressive to look at in person, the shading effect plays a good trick on your eyes.

    Well done on your mention with the Stampin Lantern (as I call it), it was well deserved!! 🙂

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