Embellish Crochet and Colour Challenge

Imagine my surprise when after only a couple of online challenges I managed to get a mention from Embellish. I was very happy and glad that other people liked my creation. It was a masculine, or as I call it, Manly card challenge which certainly gave me an advantage. But it is great to see that cards for the blokes are being catered for. We are a minority when it comes to receiving cards, and even more so when it come sot making cards. I was glad to see that I wasn’t the only manly stamper out there.

If you have the chance you should give the winner and other honourable mentions a look.

As for this weeks Embellish challenge, it was different again. Up until now I had managed to never use crochet trim on any card I had created, it isn’t really my thing. But that is good that these challenges are pushing me to thing differently to card design.

I have to admit the colours may not be correct to the design brief, but that is due to two things. 1. My ipod touch may not have shown the colours correctly, and 2. I could only use what I had at hand and I don’t have all the colours at my disposal. Regardless of that, the colour combination made me think of summer. My card is a representation of that thought.

I hope you enjoy. 🙂


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