JAI Challenge – ANZAC Day

JAI’s challenge this week was to come up with a card that symbolized mateship/friendship for ANZAC Day. Once I read this brief my mind quickly came up with an idea, but I wasn’t sure I could make my idea work. Now that I have done the card I can say it looks pretty much how I wanted it to, but it took a lot of time and cutting to create it.

Mateship is a serious thing for Australians and Australia’s best mate is New Zealand. Sure we disagree about things, make derogatory comments about each other and we don’t mind beating up on each other on the sporting field, but at the end of the day we are all mates. We forged that mateship with blood on the shores of Gallipoli 96 years ago.

When I think of ANZAC day I always thing of the rising sun badge worn by the Australian troops. My grandfather had one from world war 2. The badge means something to those who wear it, it holds a tradition of courage and sacrifice for your country and more importantly, the person standing next to you, your mate.

I didn’t use any stamps in making this card. I did print the rising sun out on the card stock as I couldn’t recreate it with any real accuracy. Cutting it out and the additional white surround took a while, but it was worth it. The silhouettes on each side are from photos take of the Sheffield and Ross war memorials. I printed them onto card stock and then cut around there figures.

The flags were one of the hardest parts to put together. Each piece was cut out and stuck down in the correct place. The New Zealand flag, with its red stars with white trim were particularly time consuming and fiddly. But the end result was worth all the effort and time it took to create it.

Once all the cutting and pasting was done I worked on the background. It is a combination of water colouring for the water and mountains at the bottom, and sponging for the sunrise.

I had planned to stamp either “ANZAC DAY, April 25th” or “LEST WE FORGET” on the card, but I wouldn’t be able to stamp it accurately enough. If it wasn’t accurate I wouldn’t have been happy with it, so I left it off, but I don’t think the card is lacking anything because of that.

Thank you to Just Add Ink for such a wonderful design challenge this week.

Hope you enjoy. 🙂


18 thoughts on “JAI Challenge – ANZAC Day

  1. Sharnee Torrents

    OH MY WORD COLIN!!!!! And people say that I’m great at cutting!!! Mate you take the prize for sure!!! If this is not a top pick then there’s something seriously wrong!! THis card rocks, is completely amazing and very respectful for all what Anzac day represents!! (there should have been some Anzac cookies in the background! ha!!)
    Well done Matie!!
    SMiles Sharnee 🙂
    p.s I hope you have someone wonderful to give this too, it would make their day!!!!!!

  2. nikki

    Perfect!! stamps or not, you cant get more ANZAC than this, love the 2 soldiers representing each flag…Well done!! SO glad you joined us for this weeks challenge at JAI.

  3. colblue Post author

    Thanks mate! It was an effort to put together, but it was worth it. You will always be the best at cutting, Sharnee! 🙂

  4. colblue Post author

    There was an unbelievable amount of time and cutting to put this together. I was so glad to finish the card and be happy with the result. It would have been a shame to do so much cutting for it to look bad. Thank you Chantell. 🙂

  5. colblue Post author

    Thanks Bronwyn. I’m glad that you like it. I might not have woken up for the dawn service on Monday, but I did spend my day working on this card. Cheers. 🙂

  6. colblue Post author

    Thanks Delys. This is one of the most labour intensive cards I’ve put together (it might be the most). I’m glad you like it. 🙂

  7. Sharnee Torrents

    YOU DID IT!!!!!!! I knew it should have been a top pick! Oh WOW COlin, such an Honor to be chosen and on an amazing card!!!!! SO excited for you!!! YAY! YAY! YAY!!!!! Congrat’s mate!!
    SMiles SHarnee 🙂

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