Ashgrove Dependency

As you may have guessed from other my other blog posts, my wife is pregnant. She doesn’t have much longer to go till our little one descends upon us. All during the pregnancy she has had to put up with indigestion. Her only respites from the indigestion have been Quick-Eze (which she hates) and Ashgrove Farmlight milk. We buy milk in bulk these days, 6 litres at a time, and it always gets used. We generally have a recycling bin full of empty milk bottles which might look odd to someone on the street, not to mention the looks I get when I buy the 6 litres of milk every few days. It has become a habit for my wife and we wanted to document that in some photos. We did have photos taken for us by another photographer but her vision wasn’t as dirty and grungy as we wanted, so we took our own photos.

My wife has become dependent on both the Quick-Eze and the Ashgrove Milk. If only we had known beforehand, we might have taken shares out on both companies.

I hope you enjoy! šŸ™‚


2 thoughts on “Ashgrove Dependency

  1. Kim Butterworth

    I loved doing this photo shoot, although it was a little difficult to get down and up from the floor. At least the only “habit” I developed during my pregnancy is a clean one.! I love my Ashgrove Farmlight Milk!!!

  2. Sharnee Torrents

    Hey Colin! šŸ™‚ Love the look of your blog! Very cool!!!
    As for your gorgeous wife….. well I’m pleased I know her cause she’s looking pretty mean in these pics!!!
    Very well done my friend šŸ™‚
    HUgs and love SHarnee šŸ™‚

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