Honeymoon Posts to Come

The blog posts that are to follow relate to our honeymoon around the world. We visited the United States, Canada and the UK. It was a six week journey that saw us have a lot of fun, and created wonderful memories.

We took quite a lot of photos during our trip. Some good, some not so good. Once we returned home most of the images sat on the computer hard drive doing absolutely nothing. We went through most of the shots and picked out some for slideshows, but the bulk of photos stayed hidden on the computer. It wasn’t until I upgraded my computer to something that could handle the quantity we had shot that I finally started going through them and edited/processed a large number of them.

It took approximately two years for me to finally finish working on photos from the trip. We did have other things that monopolised our time during that period, the birth of our son took a lot of our spare time away from us. I was also writing and re-writing our honeymoon diary, which I have titled “Memoirs of a Tobogganist”. The title is based on the comedy of Billy Connelly.

“Memoirs of a Tobogganist” weighs in at around the size of a good novel and only seems to be getting larger as I continue to tweak it and make changes. For the most part it is a private manuscript, but I will draw upon portions of its contents as they suit the blog posts.

Well, it has been a very long time coming, but here we are. Please enjoy the ride and the photos. They won’t all be masterpieces (if any are), but they document our honeymoon and our memories.


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