The Journey Begins

The first of thirteen flights

I will admit that before this day I had no idea about what to expect on long haul flights. I have since been educated. Before our honeymoon the longest flight I had been on was between Sydney and Auckland, which really isn’t that far, so before we boarded the first plane I was still blissfully unaware of the true horror of international flight.

This was the first of thirteen flights that would take us around the world on a trip of a lifetime. This flight was great, it was over in 50 minutes. However, the next day would bring us the to flight number three which was the long haul flight to LAX from Sydney. The flight was scheduled to take about thirteen hours, but due to a tail breeze we managed it in about eleven. I am extremely thankful for the shortened flight as I’m not sure I could’ve lasted much longer on that flight.

We had grand plan to take some sleeping tablets and sleep for most of the flight. That way we would wake up when we arrived in America and be able to enjoy our first day well rested. Sadly our plans were thwarted by the flight crew and the other passengers, who were all determined to stay awake for a good portion of the flight. As a result we didn’t get any sleep on he plane, which meant we were up for well over twenty-four hours before we passed out in our hotel bed in Las Vegas.

The tight confines of the seats in cattle class, along with the heat and noise made the flight a living hell. It was made worse for me when the guy in front of me decided to put his seat back. I stand 6’3″, so most airline seats don’t have enough leg room even with the seat back in the normal position. With the seat reclined my legs were crushed. That lasted for about nine of the eleven hours we were flying.

Plane journey from hell

The only shining lights of the flight were:
• Landing in Las Angeles
• Talking to some stranger at the back of the plane about a car expo he was attending
• The delicious mud cake dessert we had during one of our meals (I wasn’t going to eat it, but Kim talked me into it and I’m glad she did)


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