Welcome to Las Vegas

We were pretty exhausted after our flight from hell (which the Sydney to Las Angeles flight is now known as). Our experiences in LAX didn’t help matters, but we were extremely pleased to finally be in Las Vegas.

I had organised a chauffeur driven hummer to take us to our hotel. Neither of us had ever been in a hummer, so it was a nice change. Plus we didn’t have to try and get a taxi, which I’m sure would have been easy. But this was our honeymoon so we were living it up, so to speak.

Our chauffeur was Michael and he was wonderful. He had come to Las Vegas for the women and the sex. He couldn’t understand the concept of being faithful to one person for your entire life. I think you could say he was a swinger with the ladies.

On the way to our hotel we stopped and took some cheesy photos in front of the Las Vegas sign. It was here that we felt the full force of the Las Vegas heat. We had just travelled from the very mild temperatures of Tasmania and now we were standing in the 36 degree heat of Las Vegas. We weren’t prepared for the heat and we were paying for it. Thankfully our hummer had air conditioning.

Once we arrived at our hotel I got a photo of Michael with Kim.


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