Our tour to the Grand Canyon was running a little behind schedule. Our driver, George, had been stuck in traffic earlier in the morning, so he was late picking up everyone. This obviously put us behind and we were sort of on a deadline as we were going to the Grand Canyon to see the sunset. He didn’t want to cheat us out of any time spent at the Canyon so other things had to be omitted. Unfortunately that meant we weren’t able to stop in Seligman. Both Kim and I were hoping we could stop in Seligman, just so we could say we had been there. And I am sure we would have brought all sorts of souvenirs there as well. I guess we could say that the traffic hold up saved us some money, but I think we probably spent it in some other souvenir shops.

It is interesting that certain songs will make me think of different places throughout our trip. For me, “Route 66” makes me think of route 66 and Seligman, and the journey to the Grand Canyon. Music has a way of connecting me to different memories and places. It maybe cliche to think of route 66 when listening to “Route 66”, but it also connects me to the memory of excitement. The anticipation of seeing the Grand Canyon with my own eyes. That is a memory I hope I never lose.

I remember thinking of the song “Route 66” as we passed road signs with the various towns and cities from the song. I remember thinking that it would be awesome to travel that historic road on some grand cross country adventure. But alas, the best we could do was to travel down the main street of Seligman. For that short time, we were on the main street of America, and what a sight it was. We didn’t stop, so the best I could do was to shoot from the van as we cruised along.

It appears to be a rather eclectic and interesting town. It doesn’t seem to hide its quirkiness. The town is there to be seen, and they are making sure that happens! It is pretty cool to think the movie “Cars” is based on this town. That is also something we can take home with us. We can now tell our son that we have been to Radiator Spings. He has only see the movie’s once and he isn’t old enough to understand yet. Perhaps in a couple more years.


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