Kings of Under-Castle Review

Kings of Under-Castle is a collection of short stories which could easily be chapters in a much larger book. The main charters are well developed. They each have qualities which you can relate to. But they also have flaws, which make you question your reasons for liking them. Under-Castle and its surrounds are explored during the stories, giving you a good idea of the setting and its other inhabitants. From the Castle and its ground, the town and the woods. And of course, Under-Castle it self. Each story gives you a glimpse of their world and the characters.

My favourite character would have to be Ben. Yeah! It is hard not to like him and his vast vocabulary. Of the main characters it would be Weasle. He has the most redeeming features of the Kings of Under-Castle.

I bought this book on my birthday and had it finished a few days later. It may not be long, but it caught my attention and held it to the end. In fact, all I wanted once I finished was for the book to continue. I think that says a lot for the story. I think there is still plenty of stories left to be told, and hopefully they will be published one day.

The book is well worth a read. I am looking forward to getting my hands on a printed copy when they are available.

Michael’s book can be found at Amazon and Kobo Books.

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