Canyon Storm Panorama

Canyon Storm – 7 shot panorama

Sometime before we went away on our honeymoon, I came up with the idea of trying some panoramas. I hadn’t done many in the past and those I did were pretty bad. I figured out that taking the panoramas in vertical/portrait orientation would give me more room above and below the scene. I also figured out that I would need plenty of overlap due to the lens distortion of my 18-200mm lens. I knew this and tried it on a couple of occasions during the trip, but for this shot I completely forgot about the vertical orientation of the camera. I got caught up in the scene before me and shot it horizontal. I gave it more than enough overlap to counter act the distortion, but it would have been nice to get a little more sky in the shot.

I actually submitted this shot to The Grid for critique. It was critiqued in episode #74 back in November 2012. I was pretty stoked that my images were selected for critique and that they got a good review. Their criticism of this shot was that it needed a levels adjustment, which I have since done.

My favourite quote from my critique was from Scott Kelby when he said:

“We’ve got us a good photographer here. Whoever that was, I’m digging you”.

That absolutely made my day!


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