The Grand Canyon

My first view of the Grand Canyon took my breath away. It is hard to describe what it is like to see and walk around the Canyon. I think the only way to know it is to experience it yourself. Our tour with Grand Adventures was a walking sunset tour. We strolled around the southern rim from the Grand Canyon Village to Yavapai Point.

I was generally the person from our group who stayed a little bit longer at each point to take photos. It didn’t really matter as I was able to catch up to the group with relative ease. Our guide, George, was a professional photographer and was giving everyone tips on how to shoot the Canyon, and how to take better photos overall. My wife, Kim, was learning a lot from George and even upgraded her camera when we reached the Canyon.

I was travelling with two cameras, a Canon G10 and a Nikon D80. Once we got the the Grand Canyon I put the G10 away in favour of my D80. Kim decided it would be a good idea to use the G10 when I wasn’t using it, instead of her little Nikon Point and Shoot. The G10 became Kim’s camera that day (at least until it was broken, but that is later in the trip).


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