Vegas Lights

If you have ever driven to the Grand Canyon from Las Vegas you will know that it is a fairly long drive. Google maps is saying about 4.5 hours, but I think George, our guide, drove it in about 3.5 hours. He had a bit of a lead foot. I was sitting in a good spot to see the speedometer and saw some pretty high numbers at times. Thankfully the roads are good and they lend themselves to faster speeds.

Regardless of how fast George managed to drive us back to Las Vegas, it still took quite a while. We had some DVD’s to watch, which made the trip go a little faster. I think one of them was “What About Bob?”. I had seen it before, but it was good to see again. I can’t remember the other movie and neither can Kim. I guess it wasn’t very good? It certainly wasn’t memorable.

To fill in some time, and entertain myself during the drive into Vegas, I started taken long exposure hand held shots out the front windscreen. They aren’t even close to being good, but they were entertaining at the time. I’ve always liked night shots taken handheld so that the motion creates interesting light patterns. I don’t take a lot of them, but these were fun and interesting. These are a few of those shots.


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