Leaving Las Vegas

After such a big day at the Grand Canyon, and staying up all night, the little rest we got in bed was heaven. It was just a shame that we had to get up and start traveling again. Kim was feeling quite sick at this point. We think the chicken she had for dinner at 3am was causing it. She didn’t look good and I was worried for her.

To save time and mucking around I had organised a town car to transfer us from our hotel to the airport. Reception rang us when it arrived and said “your limousine was waiting”. I thought he must say that as a general description, but sure enough, our town car had grown into a limousine. That was a very nice way to leave Las Vegas. It was a very short visit, but we can say we have been there.

At the airport we checked in and made our way out to the departure gates via the monorail. When we arrived in Vegas a couple days ago I was a little shocked to see slot machines at the departure gates, but after seeing Las Vegas I can understand it. I took a couple of photos while we waited for our flight. While I was doing that the airline offered upgrades to seating for a small fee. I took them up on the offer for two reasons. One, I wanted to give Kim the most comfortable flight I could manage. Two, I wanted more leg room for myself.

Kim looked shocking for the flight, but she managed to get through it without incident. We were sitting next to a very nice guy (he had the window seat). I saw him as we boarded the plane and knew were sitting next to him. He reminded me of the comic book guy from the Simpsons.

Our flight was to San Francisco, where we would be catching a connecting flight to Vancouver. As we landed in San Francisco we got to see another plane next to us land at the same time. We had never seen anything like that before. We were trailing them as we came into land, but we had more speed. I think they still touched the ground before us by a fraction of a second, but we beat them to the terminal.


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