Welcome to Vancouver

While we were in San Francisco airport, Kim started to feel better. She also looked better. We were both glad that she was feeling better as no one likes to travel when they are sick. We still had a lot of traveling to do, we were only a few days into the trip, so it was good that she was able to shake her illness quickly.

I really enjoyed the flight from Las Vegas to San Francisco, mostly because I had the extra leg room. I was hooked on upgrading our seats when ever I could, so I tried to get an upgrade for the flight to Vancouver. It was easier than the previous upgrade, and I got the seats for free, which was a bonus.

We weren’t really sure what to expect when we got to Vancouver. We knew we had to go through customs again, and frankly, after doing that at LAX we weren’t looking forward to it. We didn’t have any problems with customs at LAX, it just took an extremely long time to get through and the surrounds weren’t very nice. Vancouver on the other hand was totally different. The terminal and arrival area all seemed modern and well decorated. The customs area was fantastic. The entire room was large and spacious, not cramped and dingy like at LAX.

While we were waiting in line we could see and hear other travelers getting the third degree about their travel plans. I was well prepared for this with my travel document I put together before we departed. It was a comprehensive guide to our travel plans which gave us access to any information at an instants notice. We got to the front of the line and I was ready to answer any questions. The customs officer asked the standard “what is the nature of your visit”? “How long is your stay”? And “Where are you staying”? I rattled off the answers without missing a beat, and we were on our way. Either the customs officers liked Australian’s or I dazzled them with my organisation. Either way, it was a nice and easy way to enter Canada.


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