Vancouver Aquarium

On our first morning in Vancouver we were waking up to head out on a whale watching tour, but we were awoken early by the tour company. They were cancelling the tour due to poor weather. They offered to put us on the boat the next day, but in my tired state I said we were busy. We were booked in for a Sea Otter Encounter at the Vancouver Aquarium the following day. Once I was off the phone Kim told me to call them back and change the tour booking. Once I did that I rang the Vancouver Aquarium and saw about changing the encounter to today. They were very helpful, but we couldn’t do the Sea Otter Encounter on that day. However, we could do a Sea Lion Encounter instead, which is what I booked us in for.

When I got off the phone with the aquarium we didn’t have much time to waste. We quickly had breakfast and got ourselves moving towards the aquarium. We could have taken the trolley cars which navigate the city, but we weren’t entirely sure we would get to the aquarium on time by doing that. So we took a taxi and got there with plenty of time to spare. Since we now had plenty of time till our Encounter, we used that time to have a look around. These images are from that time spent looking around the aquarium.


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