Vancouver Dolphins

Our Encounter with Sea Lions was a lot of fun! We had a very enthusiastic guide who clearly enjoyed his work. His enthusiasm was infectious and really added to the experience. It was wonderful to see these animals up close and to hear the information about them.

From the encounter we wanted to get something to eat for lunch and try and see the rest of the aquarium. We believed that the Baluga Whales would be starting a show soon, so we found ourselves a good spot and then Kim went off to grab our lunch. When she got back we enjoyed our lunch and were wondering when the show would start. We could hear things kicking off somewhere in the aquarium, so we cleaned up our things and went in search of the noise. We found the dolphin show in full flight and we were missing it. Vantage points were difficult to come across, so we ended up inside watching from beneath the water. It was a remarkable view to see what the dolphins do in their natural habitat.


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