Vancouver Lookout

It had been a long, but relaxing day, on the whale watching tour. This was our last night in Vancouver and for a change we were going out for tea. We were still tired from all the traveling from the previous days, so when I say “going out”, I mean only going as far as the hotel restaurant.

I can’t remember what the restaurant was called, but the hotel has changed its name since 2010. It was called the Cascadia Hotel and Suites. It is now called Marriott Residence Inn Vancouver Downtown. The restaurant is now called Cavino. I have no idea if that was the name two years ago, but I would hope it is still as good, or better now.

The weather was poor that evening. After tea we wanted to go visit the Vancouver Lookout downtown. We asked the front desk to call us a taxi, but the pre-season ice hockey match was getting out at the same time, so we were left to flag down a taxi on the street. That wasn’t hard, but our driver had no idea where we wanted to go. he had never heard of the Vancouver Lookout. It took Kim to show him a brochure before he figured out where we were going.

The lookout was pretty cool! We liked the elevator ride up. Well, Kim didn’t like the open air portion of the ride, but I thought it was good. The weather actually made for some interesting lighting over the city, with the low clouds and rain. There was one section near the gift shop that Kim really didn’t like, especially when a tour group came marching through. Their heavy footsteps made the floor move and bounce. Kim didn’t feel safe there so she made her way around to the elevators while I took photos.

As I approached Kim she was looking through a set of binoculars. She had them pointed at the apartment building across the street. She said, “there is a woman getting undressed over there”! I said, “give me a look”. Kim, “sorry, she has finished now”. My wife, the peeping tom.


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