Honeymoon Recap – Week One

Our first week was fast paced. In a short space of time we did and saw more than we could have imagined.

What we did in the first week:

  • Left home on an amazing journey
  • Had the flight from hell
  • Nearly missed our connection flight to Las Vegas due to the long security lines at LAX
  • Had our first ride in a hummer
  • Sweated our arses off in the Las Vegas heat
  • Went clothes shopping
  • We were suspected of using counterfeit money
  • Watched the Bellagio Fountain display
  • Wipe our room key card
  • Drove over Hoover Dam
  • Drove through Seligman on Route 66
  • Walked around a portion of the Grand Canyon and watched the sunset
  • Went out for dinner at 3am
  • Gambled in Vegas
  • Nearly deafened by a malfunctioning car radio
  • Had an encounter with Sea Lions
  • Rode around Stanley Park
  • Saw Harry Connick Jr in concert
  • Saw Killer Whale pods up close
  • Viewed Vancouver from the top of the Vancouver Lookout
  • Hired a car and drove the Sea to Sky Highway
  • Impressed by Shannon Falls
  • Drove on the left side of the road by mistake once
  • Arrived in Kamloops at the end of week one

Here are some photos of the first week:

Las Vegas

Foyer of the Bellagio

Bellagio Fountain

Grand Cruise – On The Road To The Grand Canyon

First View of the Grand Canyon

Sunset Silhouette

Vancouver Aquarium Jellyfish

Vancouver from Stanley Park

Breaching Orca

Vancouver at Night, from the Vancouver Lookout

Shannon Falls, Sea to Sky Highway

If you would like to read more about the first week, and see some more photos, please have a look at these blog posts.
1. The Journey Begins
2. Welcome To Las Vegas
3. Night Time in Las Vegas
4. Las Vegas – Bellagio Fountain
5. Hoover Dam
6. Seligman
7. Road to the Grand Canyon
8. First View of the Grand Canyon
9. Canyon Storm Panorama
10. The Grand Canyon
11. Grand Canyon Near Sunset
12. Grand Canyon Sunset
13. Kim and her Chipmunk
14. Vegas Lights
15. Up All Night
16. Leaving Las Vegas
17. Welcome To Vancouver
18. Vancouver Aquarium
19. Vancouver Dolphins
20. Harry Potter
21. Stanley Park Ride
22. Harry Connick Jr
23. Vancouver Whale Watching Tour
24. Vancouver Lookout
25. Sea to Sky Highway – Vancouver to Kamloops

One week down, five weeks to go. We still have the Canadian Rockies to travel through, Toronto, New York and the UK. Thank you to all the fantastic people who have been following along with our journey so far. There is a lot more to come so stay tuned.


3 thoughts on “Honeymoon Recap – Week One

  1. angela

    I stumbled across your blog while researching for our trip in June-July. Can’t believe we are doing much the same as you. Flying into Honolulu from Sydney, then catching a connecting flight to LA as it is several $100s cheaper to do it that way. Will go through customs in the 5 hour wait in Honolulu then on to LAX. We will stay 2 nights in LA before going on to Las Vegas. We are spending nearly a week there as we want to do the Grand Canyon, Bryce, Zion and the Valley of Fire and have put a rest day between each. Intending to be the last of the big spenders like you were – $10 through the pokies is about my limit, but then we’re not there for the gambling either! Then up to Vancouver for several days, before heading up to Alaska, 4 days out to Denali, then cruising back down to Vancouver and driving Vancouver to Calgary via Kamloops, Jasper and Banff. I came across your blog when looking for the best way to get from Vancouver to Kamloops. After Kamloops we go back to Honolulu for a week before returning home to Sydney. Going with friends so should be interesting…..

    Looking forward to the rest of your blog as I want to see what you are doing from Kamloops onwards. We will also be doing the UK and East Coast USA but that will be another trip. I was born in the UK but haven’t seen much of the north and have never been to Scotland, so that’s where we’ll go. We’ve also been to NY before, as my husband has family in NY and Philly, but we haven’t seen Niagara and that is on the bucket list. Probably will catch up with family in Philly and see a bit. Last time was 2 years ago in the dead of winter for my husband’s grandfather’s 100th birthday, and travelling around was a bit difficult in 1m deep snow. Would like to see Central Park in the summer next time and maybe stop and see my aunt in Chicago on the way back, but it was far too cold to do that last time.

  2. Colin Butterworth Post author

    Hello Angela, thank you for stumbling upon my blog.

    It sounds like your trip will be really good. Spending more time in Vegas to see other sights is a good idea. I sort of wish we had done that as well, but we had other things on our list to visit. You can only spend the time you have in any location.

    We have thought about driving that way, Vancouver to Calgary via Kamloops and then up to Jasper and down through the Canadian Rockies, if we get the chance again. Driving the Tans Canadian Highway from Kamloops to Golden was very beautiful, but I’m sure driving the Southern Yellowhead Highway from Kamloops to Jasper would be just as awesome.

    I would love to follow your trip if you keep a blog of it? Could you let me know your blog address? It would be interesting to hear someone else’s experiences for a similar location.

    We went to Scotland because my mother-in-law is Scottish, so my wife had family there. It is well worth a visit! What part of the UK do you come from?

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