Enchanted Forest to Golden

As we left the Enchanted Forest the air between Kim and I had been eased, but there was still room for improvement. That improvement came as we stopped just down the road to have lunch at the Three Valley Lake Chateau. We had a nice lunch and cleared the air.

Approaching Three Valley Lake Chateau

Heading towards Rogers Pass

After lunch we got back on the road. We still had plenty of driving left ahead of us to reach our accommodation in Golden. The tension seemed to be eased now so the drive was much more enjoyable. We drove through Revelstoke and onto Glacier National Park and Rogers Pass. Glacier National Park was the first National park we had fully gone into as the Trans Canadian Highway goes straight through it. We stopped at Rogers Pass which was over an hours drive from Three Valley Lake. It was a little overcast as we got there, but that didn’t stop us from seeing the massive mountains around us. This was our first glimpse into the National parks of Canada and it was pretty amazing. Like most places Rogers Pass had a gift shop and we weren’t adverse to looking and purchasing from them. We looked around a little then I left Kim so I could go up stairs and buy National Park Passes for both of us. The whole process was easy and painless and meant we didn’t have to continually pay to enter the various National parks that were to come.

Rogers Pass

When I returned downstairs to the gift shop, Kim told me how she had fought off other tourists for her winnings (a stuffed toy Beaver with a Rogers Pass T-shirt on). I hadn’t been upstairs for long, but it was long enough for Kim to have an altercation with our fellow tourists. Before we left Rogers Pass I took some photos of the surrounding mountains. This was an amazing place totally closed in on all sides by towering mountains. It is hard to believe that they managed to build a road through this area. While I was taking photos Kim sat in the car with her winnings (her Beaver).

Great Canadian Chalets

We still had about an hour to go on the road before we got to our accommodation at the Great Canadian Chalet, just outside Golden. We had been driving for a total of nearly five hours from Kamloops, and over eleven hours in total over the two days of travel. It had been a long and stressful day so it was wonderful to finally get to our destination. Our host was Pierre, who had the coolest French Canadian accent. We had the Moberly cabin, which was very good. Later that afternoon I somehow broke the toilet flushing mechanism. It was late when that happened so we decided to make do with engaging the flush by hand and we would tell Pierre the next day.

Moberly Cabin

We were exhausted and glad to go to sleep that night. As I drifted of to sleep I hoped that the days tension would be left behind us and that tomorrow would bring better things. Tomorrow we were going to drive into the Yoho National Park for the day.


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