Takkakaw Falls

As we awoke to our first day in Golden we were presented with rain and fog. It looked terrible outside. This wasn’t what we were hoping for with regards to weather, but that is what we had. After the long, tiring and somewhat stressful previous day I gave Kim the option to have a day off of sightseeing in favour of rest. Thankfully she said no to that option, saying we can’t let the weather hold us back. That was a very good call!

I had woken up with a sore back. We initially put this down to the car, but I think it was from our bed. It wasn’t the most comfortable bed in the world and it was certainly difficult to get into it in the small bedroom. Either way, we had to do something about my back so I could enjoy the trip.

We had a lovely breakfast of pancakes, made by Kim, and then we headed into Golden to find some pain medication before continuing into the Yoho National Park. In Golden we found this wonderful drug called ‘Robax Platinum’. That medication really did the trick (eventually).

Since I had a bad back it was up to Kim to drive and I was navigating. The roads were wet and dangerous with all the heavy trucks, but Kim negotiated all the hazards with ease. We made it to the small town of Field which sits on the banks of the Kicking Horse river. The town itself is on the far side of the river which you can reach by driving over the bridge. On the highway side there is a shop and the information centre. We drove into Field looking for a place to stop and get a drink, but we couldn’t find one. We aren’t talking about a big town here so I have no idea how we could’t find somewhere to have a drink, but we didn’t see anything. As a result we headed back over the bridge to the small shop on the highway side. Sadly the drinks were terrible. In hindsight, we should have just gone to the information centre as they had drinks facilities there that tasted much better.

We ventured into the information centre and found some wonderful souvenirs. While we were buying the contents of the gift shop we overheard a discussion about a mudslide. The road through Rogers Pass had been cut off by a mudslide during the night so all traffic was stopped. The people who where talking about it were on their way to Kamloops. The information centre staff member was sympathetic, but they said the only way to get there was to go back to Jasper and take another route from there, (the Southern Yellowhead Highway) approximately 8 hours of driving. I’m not sure what they decided to do, but we left knowing we could still get back to our accommodation.

As we left field it was still bucketing down with rain and Kim was still in the drivers seat. My back was feeling better, but not good enough to drive at that point. I was still in charge of navigation. We turned back onto the highway and headed towards Takkakaw falls. We kept driving for some time until we came upon the national park border. We were about to enter Banff National park and I still hadn’t seen the sign for Takkakaw falls. The map said we should have already seen it so we did a u-turn and headed back the way we came. Sure enough the turn off wasn’t far away from Field, but we had both missed it. Kim blamed me for missing it as I was in charge of navigation. I had no real excuse for that at the time other than it was wet and I was probably reading the map as we drove past it.

Road towards Takkakaw Falls

Road towards Takkakaw Falls

We could see the falls as we got closer. The amount of water coming over the falls was remarkable. Thanks to the rain overnight the water levels of the river and waterfall had gone up which made them look spectacular. Once we got there the rain actually stopped for a time and the sun came out for the briefest of moments. But the amount of water coming over the falls cerated a lot of mist so it was like being in the rain anyway.

Kim at Takkakaw Falls

Me at Takkakaw Falls

Sun comes out for the briefest of moments

It was worth venturing out into the rain and fog just for this!

Takkakaw Falls

Trying to keep my lens clean in the heavy mist of the waterfall

Looking away from the Takkakaw Falls


2 thoughts on “Takkakaw Falls

  1. Kathy mcdonald

    Great pics Colin looks like your having a great time and looks cold where is this place

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