Natural Bridge

The rain at Takkakaw Falls had lifted for a short time while we were there, but it returned as we were leaving. Our next destination was to be Emerald Lake, but to get to Emerald Lake you have to pass the Natural Bridge. My back was feeling much better at this point so I took over driving again.

Natural Bridge

With the amount of rain we had during the night the natural bridge was more like a waterfall. I know the bridge was there, but we didn’t see it in its normal state. Regardless, we were still impressed with the power of the water.

Using the bridge railing to steady myself

We were on the other side of the river when a tour bus full of tourists arrived. There was one guy who stood out for me from that tour bus. As soon as the doors were open he bolted for the bridge. He crossed the bridge to the other side of the river and then walked into the scrub a little. He then proceeded to relive himself. Clearly he didn’t see the large number of long drop toilets in the car park.

The Natural Bridge as a waterfall

With the tourists arrival, it was time to move on towards Emerald Lake. We wanted to try and stay ahead of the tourists.


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