Emerald Lake

As the Natural Bridge was engulfed with the bus load of tourists we moved on towards Emerald Lake. The rain had stopped at the Natural Bridge, but as we left it started again. The lake is best viewed when the sun is out so you get to see the lovely emerald colouring of the water. I was driving now and was taking my time on the slick roads but we still managed to beat the tour bus by 15 minutes. As we arrived at the lake the most amazing thing happened, the rain stopped and the clouds parted letting the sun hit the lake and the mountains around it. The weather stayed like this at the lake for about 30 minutes, but as we left the clouds came back and it started to rain again. We wouldn’t have believed it if we hadn’t seen it with our own eyes.

Emerald Lake Boats

Logs just beneath the surface

Emerald Lake

Emerald Lake was absolutely beautiful and it was just our good fortune that the sun came out while we were there. I think we took a lot of good photos here, but we could have taken a little more time and care with some of them. I think we both got caught up in the excitement of the sun coming out. Nevertheless we had fun here and it will be a very memorable place for both of us for many years to come.

One of Kim’s shots of the lake. I wish I had taken it.

Emerald Lake Panorama


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