Golden Truckstop

As we left Emerald Lake the rain returned. The weather only gave us that brief time to see the lake in its full glory. However, on the drive out of the Yoho National Park the weather did clear again and was rather nice as we returned to Golden.

Wet roads as we left Emerald Lake

Golden is a very small town at a cross roads in the Canadian Rockies. It has two distinct parts, the small town of Golden which sits off the Trans Canadian Highway. And the strip with eating establishments, hotels, gas stations and rest stops that cater to the highway traffic. Each day hundreds of trucks go through golden on their way west and east. On this particular day there were hundreds of trucks parked in Golden because of the mud slide in Rogers Pass. Most of the trucks were parked, but several were making their way down the two lane road out of Golden. That was causing traffic delays and we were stuck behind it all.

Traffic Jam in Golden

Trucks parked in Golden

Waiting in the line

We needed to stop and get some more petrol so since we couldn’t go anywhere we stopped and filled the car up. While we were paying we started talking to the station attendant. He was very nice and told us what he had heard about the mud slide. The latest news was that they were planning to reopen Rogers Pass in about an hour. The trucks that were slowly making their way down the strip all wanted to be at the head of the line once the road was open. We also wanted to get out of Golden so we could reach our accommodation. I didn’t like my chances of fighting my way into the line of trucks without the help of some traffic lights. That meant heading in the wrong direction, but we got onto the main road out of Golden without incident.

Slowly moving along in Golden

Trucks parked in Golden

We’re starting to move

It didn’t take as long to get out of Golden as I had envisaged. It still took quite a lot longer than it otherwise would have if there were no trucks there, but we were traveling towards our accommodation in very good time. Once we were out of the town the line of vehicles began to pick up speed.

There was at least one dumb ass driver in the convoy. When we got out of the town this numptie started overtaking cars and trucks moving himself up the line. The thing is, where did he think he was going to get? The line of cars and trucks stretched on for miles and miles, possibly all the way to Rogers Pass. We were finding that the drivers in Canada were/are rather nuts! And they all like to drive massive pick-up trucks. We felt rather out of place in our small Nissan Sentra.

Numptie coming up behind us

Numptie overtaking us

Numptie making another overtaking maneuver

That day and night was vastly better than the previous day. We had a quiet night in and got an early night ready for the next day’s adventures.


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