Whistlers Mountain Bear Refuge

We woke up to overcast conditions again today, but that didn’t stop us from venturing out. We learned after yesterday that bad weather didn’t mean there were no photo opportunities. You never no what will happen during the day unless you venture out into the elements.

Since before we started this epic journey, Kim had wanted to see a bear. Our best chance of that was in the Canadian Rockies, but so far we hadn’t seen any. Granted, we had only been along the highway and in relatively built up areas, so we still thought there was a chance we could see one. As it happened, there was a bear refuge up on Whistlers Mountain (inside the Kicking Horse Resort). So that was to be our destination for the day.

Low clouds down in the valley

Clear blue skies above the cloud cover

We headed through Golden and up the mountain. As we ascended the mountain the clouds began to part and the sun came out. The overcast conditions were due to the clouds being down so low. Above the clouds it was a wonderful sunny day.

Up on Whistler Mountain it seemed a little deserted, but we had come across this before where people just didn’t get out and about as early as us. We stopped at the information and gift centre. Kim was going to go in and see what was happening and I wanted to trek back down the road a little to get some photos. I came back up the road after a few minutes and Kim told me that the place was shut. There was a young guy working the chair lift and some people riding it to the top. The young guy was running the chairlift for a film crew who where shooting at the top of the mountain. We asked him what was going on and apparently the place closed the week before for winter. Also, the bear refuge was closed at the same time so there were no bears to be seen. That was a big disappointment for Kim. This all put a bit of a downer on our day, but we still had so much of the day to go.

Grizzly Bear Refuge

The only bear we got to see


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