Golden Laundry

After the disappointment of the Whistlers Mountain bear refuge being shut we found ourselves at a loose end. Neither of us had really come up with a plan B. We did have some clothes in the car that needed to be washed, so we headed back down the mountain and into Golden.

There was a small laundry matt in Golden just as you cross the bridge in the town. We spent some time in there doing our laundry (exciting stuff). Kim did have a conversation with a couple locals and was interested in what they called a dollar. They call them Loonies in Canada.

For the most part we both sat there in silence. I got the impression Kim was pissed at me (I realise now that she was just disappointed and not particularly pissed at me). Regardless, at the time I was having flashbacks to the day we drove from Kamloops to Golden. I didn’t want another day like that.

We had a look around the town after the washing was finished and found a scrap booking shop, Kim had to go in. Kim is mad about scrapping and stamping, so this really raised her spirits. She found a lot of stuff for our scrapbook of the honeymoon. She was in scrapping heaven. The store owner started talking about a retreat she runs each year at some chateau in the mountains. This years retreat was going to be on the weekend coming. If we had the time Kim would have loved to go along.

Raging Kicking Horse River through Golden

Roda Bridge in Golden

Commemoration plaque of the Bridge in Golden

Kim with her goodies from the scrap booking shop

Kim ecstatic after being in the scrap booking shop


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