Cedar Lake

With the laundry done and scrapping supplies purchased we started to think about lunch. We had seen a sign on our way up Whistlers Mountain earlier directing us to Cedar Lake. We had no idea what to expect, but it sounded like a nice place to stop and have lunch. So we piled back into the Sentra and headed for Cedar Lake.

The signage in Canada was very good for the most part, but after the turn off to Cedar Lake we managed to find the one place where it was a little confusing. There was a junction in this heavily wooded area that was signed. The sign wasn’t quite in the right position and as we came up to it, it looked like the direction we had to go was straight on. Of course it wasn’t. We headed up this narrow, bumpy track getting further and further up the side of the mountain until I decided that we had gone the wrong way. We turned around and headed back down coming across a local heading up the road. He was probably surprised to see us as it wasn’t a well traveled road.

We made it back to the sign post and went the other way this time. That road wasn’t very long and we were soon at Cedar Lake. It isn’t an overly pretty lake but it was fairly quiet. This was still the day we were hoping to see a bear and for a moment we thought we had come across one. We heard a growl in the bushes and we almost made a run for the car, but it turned out to be some local clearing his throat in a rather bear like manner.

Sitting in the sun having lunch

My lovely wife

Our Travel Snack Bag

Cedar Lake

As we sat there, eating another wonderful packed lunch made by Kim, we were half eaten insects. We were also well aware of the chipmunks in the trees around us. We tried to get some good photos of them but they were far too fast and up too high in the trees. We also took some photos of Cedar Lake which were a little underwhelming. When you compare the scenery we had already seen to this point, Cedar Lake was a bit ordinary. The colours in the water were very nice, but that was about it. However, it was a nice secluded spot to have lunch.

Chipmunk in the Tree

Close-up of the Chipmunk in the tree

Our shadows at Cedar Lake

Cedar Lake

We decided to go back down to Golden after lunch and drive around the back streets in hopes of seeing a bear. I can’t remember if it was when we were in the laundry mat or at the scrapping place, but we overheard some locals talking about how bears like to go through their rubbish at all times of the day, so of course we had to have a look. There weren’t many back streets to drive down as the town is rather small and unfortunately we didn’t see any bears. During the drive I headed out of town in the direction we would be traveling the next morning which was towards Radium Hot Springs. We drove for a little while then turned around and headed back to our accommodation.

Our accommodation in Golden was the ‘Great Canadian Chalets’, situated just outside of Golden. When we returned to our accommodation we went and talked to our host, Pierre. We wanted to settle the bill now as we were going to on the road early tomorrow morning. He did tell us that he would be up and about before us and we could wait till then to pay, but we were there so we paid. He had the coolest accent, French-Canadian.

We were officially the last guests to stay at the Great Canadian Chalets. Pierre was closing down tomorrow and selling up. He had found it difficult to get business which was a real shame. The cabins were very nice and well looked after. There were three cabins on site, but there were footings in the ground for two more to be built. It could have been a very nice little enterprises with 5 cabins. Sadly Pierre didn’t really advertise his business. He preferred to use word of mouth and his website for advertising. I’m not sure if it is still there running under someone else’s management?

At least we got to stay there and experience that part of the world. We are very grateful for that!


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