Moose Sighting

We had been awake for a while when we left Olive Lake. It wasn’t lunch time, but we were getting hungry, plus we felt like stopping somewhere and relaxing a little. Not far down the road from olive lake was a lookout. The view was of the valley we were entering and it seemed like as good a spot as any to stop and have some lunch.

As we arrived the Russian Mafia family, which had left Olive Lake before us, were packing up and moving off again. This wouldn’t be the last we saw of them today.

We missed the hot spring pool after we left, it was fantastic! But as an unfortunate side effect we both smelt of sulphur. That was great as we were driving towards the Fairmont Chateau at Lake Louise. We were sure they would like us to turn up stinking like rotten eggs. While we sat on the rock wall at the lookout eating our lunch (again prepared by Kim), we discussed how bad we smelt and the hotel staffs possible reactions. We got some photos here, but I couldn’t seem to take anything decent. Kim on the other hand took much better photos than me, so at least one of us captured this spot well.

As we drove on I was keeping an eye out for bears along the rivers that we passed. I realise I was being rather optimistic, but I was hopeful of a glimpse of a bear. Of course, there were no sightings. We still had several days in the Canadian Rockies so there was a chance that we would come across a bear at some point. I know Kim was busting to see a bear with her own eyes so I was hopeful that we would see one, while in the safety of our car.

Our next stop was at a river that ran along next to the road. We had been driving for a little while and needed a break and to visit the long drop toilets. Once again we came across the Russian Mafia family here. The Dad of the family (that is who we thought he was) had also used the long drop toilets, but he was too lazy to lift the seat so he urinated on the seat. We know this because Kim went into the very same long drop after him. Dirty bugger!

The river was beautiful with such clear blue water. Me being me, I wanted to get into the river to take photos, but some common sense prevailed and I only rock hopped a little way in. While I was rock hopping Kim walked down to  a bridge and walked across to see a waterfall created by the river. After the waterfall the river continued down a channel which looked to have been carved out by the water over time. It almost looked man made, but it wasn’t. While Kim was on the bridge she saw and heard a Moose walking across the highway and coming down the bank towards her. At this point I looked up to see Kim running back across the bridge towards the road. My first thought was that there was a bear on the other side and she was making a get away. That was hardly the case as she was actually running towards the rather large Moose with video camera in hand to try and capture him on film. The footage is a little shaky, which is to be expected, but you can see the Moose look at the camera and then turn and continue away into the scrub. It wasn’t a bear, but it was pretty exciting.

One of Kim’s photos

Kim’s video of the Moose. Click on it and be taken to my website to see the full video.


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