Kootenay to Lake Louise

We left the river and the Moose behind us and shortly after we left the Kootenay National Park and entered Banff National Park. We weren’t far away from our destination which was Lake Louise, but it took us quite a while to get there as there was road construction work going on. They were building animal overpasses so the wildlife could cross the highway without any danger of being hit. We tend to go under the roads in Australia. They looked impressive, but they caused us to spend longer on the road than we anticipated.

The drive did take longer than expected, but it didn’t really matter as we still got to Lake Louise in plenty of time. Upon arrival we were greeted by the hotels valet service, they took our bags and offered to park the car for us. I had originally thought I would park the car myself, but we thought we may as well let the valet do it as it wasn’t that expensive. This allowed both of us to go inside and check in. The foyer of the Fairmont is grand! It looks like an old style grand hotel would look, because that is what it is. Our room was at the top of the hotel with a dormer window. The view of the lake was amazing. The room was a little small but you don’t need something too big in that location. The bathroom was lovely and the shower was one of the best. The bed was also very comfortable and it was a shame that we didn’t get to sleep in it longer (Kim got to sleep in it longer than I did). We got our things organised in the room and we also booked dinner that night at the Walliser Stube restaurant.

View from our room

View for afternoon tea

After settling in a little we went for a walk around the hotel and a portion of the lake. The hotel was wonderful and rather large. We stopped in to have a snack in one of the eating areas and we had a seat next to a massive window that overlooked the lake. Once we had finished we made our way out to the lake for a walk. The colour of the water isn’t exaggerated in the adverts; it really is that vibrant green blue colour which is caused by the minerals leaching from the glacier, and it is very clear. We wandered along taking photos while we waited for the sun to go down.

Lake Louise

Lake Louise in Black and White

Kim at Lake Louise as the sun goes down

We had dinner at the Walliser Stube restaurant that night, which is one of the restaurants in the hotel. We had a different experience as we chose to have the raclette and fondue. We started with a cheese fondue as entree which was a little sickly but very nice. Then we had the raclette for main where we cook our own food in a broth that is heated at the table. That was also very nice, but the best was yet to come. For desert we had a chocolate (Toblarone) fondue with an assortment of dipping foods to go with it. I found the apple, banana, and banana bread the best, while Kim also liked the strawberries. We were also served by an Australian girl. It was again interesting to meet someone from Australia on the other side of the world. After dinner we headed for bed and got some a good nights sleep.


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