Lake Louise Sunrise

I chose to get up before dawn to catch the sunrise this morning. When I woke up I went to the window and checked the conditions, because frankly I wasn’t going to waste my time if it was horrible outside, but it looked wonderful. I made my way down stairs to find I wasn’t the only one up, but there weren’t many of us. It was cold outside and when I say cold I mean COLD!! I was rugged up in multiple layers of clothing but I was still freezing. It took some time for the light to start appearing but I still tried to get some photos in the darker conditions. My exposures were too short to begin with but I eventually got there. The biggest problem was the light emitted from the walkways which was leaking into the sides of my long exposure photos.

Lake Louise before the sun comes up (11 minute exposure)

There were several other people there making quiet a racket. Who in there right mind yells out in a serene place like this, disturbing the peace and quiet for everyone else. People who do that sort of thing should not be there in the first place. If you are in a place like Lake Louise as the sun is rising you should respect the beauty and quiet of nature. A group of them walked past me and said hello in a rather loud voice and I thought they were talking to me so I said hello back. They looked at me like I was an idiot.

Canoes on Lake Louise

While I was out there I saw some people jumping the fence to get to the boat shed and jetty. That was a shame because that meant I couldn’t use the shed in the foreground as they would be in the shot. I also saw a lot of other photographers lining up along a boarded stretch at the water’s edge. I thought to myself that that was a little silly as they would all be taking similar photos. At least I was being original, or at least different to everyone else out there that morning. I was down in the rocks at the water’s edge taking photos with my small Gorilla Pod tripod. That was all good until the moment when my tripod failed me and nearly dumped my camera into the freezing water. I was lucky that I could see it slowly moving and grabbed it as one of the legs gave out. After that I took all the shots hand held which wasn’t ideal in the low light, but I wasn’t going to risk my camera being damaged. I do wish I had my big tripod there.

Lake Louise at dawn

All the other photographers shooting the sunrise at Lake Louise


6 thoughts on “Lake Louise Sunrise

  1. Colin Butterworth Post author

    I agree, Geoff, it was well worth getting up early. You can’t dictate who else will be up, but you hope that they are curious and respect the area they are in. I did my thing and stayed away from them. Thank you for the comment! 🙂

  2. Colin Butterworth Post author

    Thank you Linda. I don’t think about the people that were there making a noise very much. I look at the photos and remember the scene and the cold. Man it was cold!

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