After the Lake Louise Sunrise

Our room over looking Lake Louise

Kim’s shot from our room window. I wish I could have been that warm while taking photos.

Freezing cold after taking shots of the sunrise, and dying to go to the toilet, I finished up and went inside. I got back to our room to find Kim had taken some photos from the window and watched the sunrise in the luxury of our room. I was just a little jealous at that point, but I wouldn’t have been happy with shooting from the window. While it was cold, it was a lot of fun being down near the edge of the lake.

The Chateau Pool

I was so cold that I smelled cold. I probably should have had a shower to warm up, but I wanted to go downstairs and have a swim in the heated pool. I thought that was a good idea to warm up, but Kim didn’t see it the same way. She was hungry and wanted to go and have breakfast. When Kim is hungry she gets cranky and she was getting rather cranky.

We did have a swim for a while and it was a nice way to warm up. We had to do battle with some tosser who wanted to use the entire pool. Even though he could see we were swimming laps, he decided to swim back and forth across the narrow part of the pool right in our way. All of this only caused Kim to get into a mood. We finished up and went down to the buffet and we both ate our fill. She started to settle down after that.

The breakfast area was very nice and there was a good selection to choose from. There was a bit of an incident in the breakfast area. A table skipped out without paying. It was an obvious runner which is weird as you have to give your room number when you go in. Unless they knew someone who was staying there, or they managed to fake their way in under a false name we’ll never know, but it was a little exciting watching the staff spring into action. They really only complained to each other and I don’t think they caught the family.

One of the many staircases

Left hand side hallway

After breakfast we strolled around the hotel and did some shopping. We found a fantastic sling bag for Kim so she was able to ditch the fanny pack from that point on. We also came across a jewellery store and found some beautiful things. I found and bought an absolutely beautiful necklace for Kim, but Kim didn’t like the fact that I spent that much money on her. It was a lot of money and I didn’t want Kim to feel bad so I went back to the jewellery store and they were kind enough to exchange the necklace and refund the difference to my credit card. The necklace I ended up getting is still beautiful and it looks wonderful on Kim.

Ornate chandeliers

I went back to Kim who was feeling better at that point and we went to see if the business centre was open so we could send some things home. Unfortunately it was closed that day so we were still stuck with a lot of gear that we had to keep travelling with. After that we checked out and had the bellman take our bags to the car. He also packed it which was good as he did a better job than I did and managed to fit much more in the boot.

The main foyer

As we checked out my credit card didn’t work so we had to use Kim’s card (the joint account). From that point we stopped using my credit card for a while just in case there was a hold on it. I think it was caused by the returning of the necklace and refund credited back to it, but at the time I was worried we had lost the use of this card.

As we were leaving Lake Louise we stopped at the small town of Lake Louise and went to the post office. We spent some time in there and sent 2 parcels and 1 tube back home. This was the first time we sent anything home and it took a while to get it all organised. We would get better as the weeks went by, but thankfully we were able to get rid of some things that we didn’t need to keep carrying. We also stopped at one of the stores there and bought some shirts and other goodies. It was a small store, but they had some good stuff in there.

Later on in the trip we come across a lovely couple who asked us about our trip. As we tell them where we have been they ask if we saw the Valley of the Ten Peaks and Moraine Lake. I had no idea what they were talking about at the time. Now, I’m kicking myself for not knowing it was there and for not driving into see it. If we ever get back there, we will be travelling to Moraine Lake as part of the journey.


4 thoughts on “After the Lake Louise Sunrise

  1. Colin Butterworth Post author

    The trip was amazing, Melanee. I think at this stage of the trip we were both still in a spin. It was hard to believe we were in these places. We were looking back at our travel videos the other night and came across a comment in Vancouver. We said that it didn’t feel like we were on the other side of the world, it felt more like we were in mainland Australia somewhere. It was all quite surreal. Thank you for reading the post and commenting, it is much appreciated! 🙂

  2. Colin Butterworth Post author

    We hope to go back there some day. We really didn’t spend enough time there, but the price of accommodation at the Chateau dictated that.

    You should go back. I’m sure you would love it!

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