This week the dictionary has fallen open at the word Face, over at A Word In Your Ear.

My wife and I have tried to keep our son’s internet presence to a minimum since he was born. But what can I say, I love taking photos of our little man. So with the A Word A Week Challenge being Face, I had to put up shots of my family. They are the faces I love more than anything else. I even get a run in a couple shots (taken by Kim).

I hope you enjoy and please check out A Word In Your Ear for more Faces.

This shot of Owen was taken at a cat show. He was running back and forth between the cats and a cage of guinea pigs. It was a quick shot as he ran through the light. This is probably my favourite shot of Owen at the moment.

I took plenty of photos of Kim during our honeymoon and these two are examples of that. She was getting use to being in front of the camera.

These two of Kim and myself were taken with my makeshift studio lighting. I had a Gary Fong Cloud sphere on my SB-900, plus a room lights and a desk lamp. The photos look okay, but it wasn’t a great set-up. I was using the inbuilt flash on my camera to fire the SB-900. That was playing havoc with the light at times. I really need to get some pocket wizards.

The majority of these shots are of Owen out and about this year. We have been taking him out a lot in the warmer months, but now that it is getting very cold we aren’t venturing out as much. He has a lot of character. I imagine that when Owen gets older he will either love or hate the camera. He seems to like it at the moment, so hopefully he will enjoy photography as much as his dad.

These last two shots were taken yesterday with the natural light in the house.


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