Crowfoot Glacier and the Big Bend

With Lake Louise behind us we started driving towards Jasper. The drive to Jasper is quite a sight. Towering mountains and glaciers are the main attractions. No matter which way you look you are surrounded by mountains. We could look out one side of the car and say “wow”, then look out the other side and say “wow” again.

Big Crow at Crowfoot Glacier

As we drove along we came to Crowfoot Glacier. As we got out of the car we were greeted by two massive crows in the parking area. I guess it is called Crowfoot Glacier for a reason. A little further down the road we stopped at Bow Lake which is feed by the Bow Glacier. There was also a souvenir store there which looked a little dodgy so we only had a look around and didn’t buy anything. However, they did have an impressive bank of long drop toilets.

Crowfoot Glacier

Crowfoot Glacier

Peaks near Crowfoot Glacier

About halfway through the Canadian Rockies, near the turn off for the David Thompson Highway, we came upon a small oasis of civilisation where we could buy fuel, food and or course souvenirs. Kim was wanting the toilets so as I pulled up to the full service petrol pump Kim hopped out and went inside. We planned on meeting up in the gift shop once we were both finished. I pulled up to the petrol pump and the guy there filled up the car for me. It was an unusual set up in that one guy pumped the fuel and his mate up the driveway took the money. The guy filled the car up and gave me a docket with the amount on it and told me to pay the other guy. I drove up to the other area, but the guy had decided to take a break without telling his mate on the pump so I just sat there waiting. Eventually the guy who pumped the gas also came up and took the money, much to his dislike. They were a little rough around the edges there, but I’m sure they were very nice people.

Bow Glacier

Me at Bow Lake

Kim at Bow Lake

Inside, Kim was already finding things to buy and was beginning to worry about where I was. It didn’t take me long to find her in the store, but the store was rather big and actually had some really good stuff. We got some lovely looking silver animals that represented the Canadian wildlife along with some food and refreshments. It was an unexpected location to find these cool statues.

Back on the road and heading north towards Jasper we came to the Big Bend. The Big Bend is a long arching corner to meet up the two ends of the highway. It looks great on the map and it was fantastic to drive it. Kim found it underwhelming but videoed the whole thing just to document the experience.


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