Maligne Lake

Maligne Lake

Our first day in Jasper started with a wonderful breakfast, cooked by Kim. After breakfast we drove into Jasper to have a quick look around and to decide what we were doing for the day. I had done some research on Jasper so I knew some of the sights and attractions that were around the area, but it is always handy to ask people who know more than you.

At the Maligne Lake store front in Jasper I enquired about the cruises. I asked if I purchase the tickets for Maligne Lake here or at the lake. Not knowing the correct pronunciation of Maligne I was quickly corrected by the lady behind the counter. I pronounced it Ma-lig-nee, but it is actually Ma-lean. I’m sure the lady instantly thought “complete tourist”. At least I learned something that day! I learned how to pronounce Maligne and that the tickets are purchased at the lake.

We got directions to Maligne Lake and headed off. Maligne Lake is in a valley surrounded by 1 mountain range. The range goes down one side and then hooks back up around which is unusual. It is a beautiful lake and we took a cruise out on it to Spirit Island and back. Our guide was a guy named Colin. We got off the boat for a short stay at Spirit Island so we could walk around and get photos. Spirit Island is a small land mass that can be cut off by the lakes height, but today it was possible to walk out to it, but we weren’t allowed to do that.

Spirit Island, Maligne Lake

The walking area at Spirit Island ran in a loop which either started low or high and finished the opposite. Most of the people were going high when they got off the boat so we went low to get away from them to begin with. There was one person who got off the boat and just sat on a bench at the dock. We couldn’t understand why you would go all that way just to sit there. We couldn’t wait to walk around and see Spirit Island from different angles.

Spirit Island, Maligne Lake

Selfie at Spirit Island

Once we returned we had lunch at the visitor centre which wasn’t bad and then we headed back towards town. However, before we left we hit the two gift shops at Maligne Lake and got some great things, the most prominent was the “Welcome to the nut house” sign. We later shipped it home with other objects and it made it back with only a small dent.


12 thoughts on “Maligne Lake

  1. Colin Butterworth Post author

    Thanks Mark. I’m not sure every photo is great, but I try to put up my best shots. To be honest I wasn’t completely happy with the second image. I do like it, but it is lacking something. It would have been nice to have a couple puffy clouds in the sky. 🙂

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