On the drive back to Jasper I did a quick u-turn near a river that ran along the side of the road. I had seen something on the drive in that I thought would look good in a photo. As we drove out we passed it and I wasn’t going to worry about it but Kim got me to go back and see what was there. I went for a walk back up the road and down to the river while Kim stayed in the car. I couldn’t see what I wanted down there but I still took some shots. I think I needed to stand in the middle of the road to take the shot just like I saw it when I drove in. What did happen however was that other people stopped to take photos because they saw me down there, which was pretty cool.

After taking shots of the river we headed towards Jasper again, and again Kim got me to do a u-turn because I wanted to go into the Jasper Golf Club but didn’t take the turnoff because I thought we would be wasting our time. Anyway we headed into the Golf Club and along the road we saw some Elk wandering along in the scrub grazing. The Elk have learned to stay in and around the town because Wolves won’t venture in, so they are protected. It is an interesting way that we humans are protecting these lovely creatures.

It was great to smell the freshly cut grass of the golf course and see some people teeing off one of the holes. I would have loved to have a game, but just being there was still wonderful. We went into the pro shop and I found some things to purchase and then we headed back into town. In Jasper we did some food shopping before we went back to our cabin so we could do some laundry and perhaps Skype back home.


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