Laundry and Skype

Patricia Lake and Pyramid Mountain

The laundry was under the reception building. I thought that this was the only place you could get onto the internet, but as it turns out if you have wireless you can get on from your accommodation, but at the time we didn’t know that. We spent quite a lot of time doing laundry as the dryer didn’t really dry anything, so we sat down there Skyping and spending money on a dryer that didn’t dry.

Eventually we had enough of doing laundry and had Skyped a bit so we headed back to the cabin to cook dinner. I was going to cook the meat on the BBQ and followed Kim out to the BBQ to have a look at it. I didn’t realise that the door we went through wouldn’t open for the outside and managed to lock us out. I quickly went back down to reception looking like an idiot and got another key. I think this has probably happened to many people as they didn’t hesitate to give me another key, they just asked me to drop all the keys off as we checked out.

As I returned to the cabin I was feeling embarrassed and wanted to make a joke of it all to lighten the mood and move on. Kim asked me as I walked up whether I got another key and I asked in return whether we left any windows open as we would need to break in. I then said I had another key but it was too late, she was pissed. I spent all the time outside cooking and only went in when they were finished. Poor timing for humour.


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