Edith Cavell Glacier

Mt Edith Cavell and the Ghost Glacier (October 2010)

Our next destination was the Edith Cavell Glacier. There were no lines on the road as we drove in but they were painting them as we drove out. The glacier isn’t visible from the road or the car park. You can walk in as far as you dare to and we walked into the edge of a small melt lake near the glacier. It gets so cold as you walk towards the glacier. When we got there we found large ice blocks sitting on the rocks presumably left behind as the glacier receded. We had some photos taken of us by a friendly Canadian named Arlene Bertozzi. She was there on holiday from Grande Prairie. Kim was once again glowing around the glacier ice. She is very at home around large amounts of ice.

It is hard to believe that this area has change so much since we were there in 2010. Only last year a sizeable portion of the Ghost Glacier fell from the mountain side into the lake and caused flooding and destruction to the area. Here is a link to a news article and a Youtube video of the glacier the day before it fell.


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