Journey to Niagara Falls

When Kim was in contact with Marion, before our honeymoon, we were asked what we would like to see and do while we were in Toronto. Marion and Andrew offered to organise everything for us. So we gave them the list of things we would like to do which were:

1. We would like to see Niagara Falls
2. We would like to drive somewhere to see the beautiful fall colours
3. We would like to see some of Toronto and go to a hockey match

Marion and Andrew had lived in Toronto for 40 years at that point, so I would have thought organising these things would be pretty easy. We were staying with them for four nights so we had plenty of time to do all these things. The only thing I did to organise this portion of the trip was to purchase tickets to the opening game of the hockey season for all of us. They were going to take care of the rest so I concentrated on other parts of our trip. That seemed like the right thing to do, but I wish in hindsight that I had done it differently.

We woke up late in the morning after our very long day beforehand. We had breakfast at the couch with TV tables. Marion and Andrew were very pleased with these tables. We both thought we would eat at the nice dining table they had, but that was never used. They were going to take us to Niagara Falls via train. They had a plan, but in hindsight it wasn’t a very good one. We didn’t know what the plan was at the time.

The plan was to go by train and bus to Niagara Falls. I think the plan could have worked. There was another discussion between Marion and Andrew that sounded like an argument that morning. They were arguing about whether to drive to the station or get a taxi. This is something that probably should have been figured out before the morning of the trip, but I wasn’t getting into it at that point.

If we drove to the station we might not get a parking spot and we would probably miss the train because of that. If we took a taxi we wouldn’t have that problem, but it all went pear shaped when they screwed around too long and didn’t book a taxi to take us to the station. Instead we drove in Andrew’s car, some POS Suzuki. Because we drove instead of getting a taxi we had to find a parking spot, but at that time of the morning there were no spots left so we missed the train. There was another train in about an hours’ time so we drove across the street and parked at a shopping mall.

Marion asked if she could go and see Harley, which we thought was reasonable as we couldn’t get on the train for another hour. We thought Harley was one of Marion’s friends, but in actual fact it was an Australian Galah (bird) in a pet shop. We found this a little odd, but used the time in the pet shop to buy some things for Max, and Titten (our two cats) back home.

Time finally came for us to make our way back to the train station. This time we caught a taxi from the shopping complex back over the road to the station. Marion went up to the counter and bought the tickets and then we headed out to our platform. We got on our train and started our long journey. Marion and Andrew never shut up while we were travelling. I understand that talking is good, but they never asked a question, they just kept talking about themselves and random things that we had no idea about.

Once we arrived at our destination we were meant to get a connecting bus to take us the rest of the way to Niagara, but the bus wasn’t there. Because we missed the first train, that put all of Marion and Andrews plans out. While we had another long wait for the next bus we visited the small terminal building to use the facilities and get a drink. Kim got a coffee, which was called “Mother Parker”. This sounds a lot like Mother F___er so Kim quite liked the cup. The coffee, however, wasn’t fantastic. We got a photo of Kim with her cup and also tried to explain what it sounded like to Marion and Andrew, both of which seemed oblivious to the similarity. Little did we know that the day was turning in to a Mother Parker of a day.

For when you are having a Mother Parker of a day.

The connecting bus finally came and we managed to get some seats away from Marion and Andrew so we had some peace for a while. We slowly made our way from the train station towards Niagara, making all the stops. Have I mentioned that I hate buses? Well this didn’t help me like buses anymore than I already did.

We finally made it to Niagara, Niagara bus depot. This bus was meant to connect with another bus which would take us to Niagara Falls, but once again due to us missing the first train we missed that bus as well. It was raining by now so the others went into a train station and used the facilities. While they were doing that I watched for the bus and noticed that there was a taxi stand across the road and there was a taxi waiting there. When Kim came out I said to her that we should just take the taxi instead of waiting for the bus, which she agreed with. So when Marion and Andrew reappeared I told them we were taking the taxi.

Finally after 5 hours of travelling we made it to Niagara Falls. We were a bit over it at this point as we were used to getting places in a timely fashion with no hassles. This was far from hassle free. We later looked on the internet to see how long it would have taken to get to Niagara Falls if we had driven it all. We could have got there in 2 hours if we had driven which would have been a better option.


3 thoughts on “Journey to Niagara Falls

  1. Sonel

    Whahahahaha! Kim sure presents a good ad for the “Mother Parker” day! LOL!
    Good one that Colin! 😀
    Yeah, not sure I would have enjoyed it either and it looks like you and Kim did have a Mother Parker of a day..hahahah
    Great shots and share. Thanks! 😀

  2. Colin Butterworth Post author

    We made the best of an unfortunate situation. We still talk about it to this day, so at least it was memorable, if not well organised. It was a bit of a Mother Parker stay with the relatives. 🙂

  3. Sonel

    Yes, what else can a person do in situations like that? At least you got the most amazing shots there and yes, the memories will always be there. Just like you I can’t handle organising like that.

    LOL! I am still laughing at the “Mother Parker” and I must agree. Staying at relatives is a Mother Parker indeed! 😀

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