Niagara Falls – Part 2

Kim shot this. I was trying to do something similar, but didn’t have the right lens for it.

We came up off the cruise through the gift shop and were met by Marion and Andrew. It’s probably a good thing to mention that we weren’t too pissed at them at this point, but as the day went on we grew more angry and the following day  would break us.

While in the gift shop we did our normal thing and bought plenty of things. We got plenty of things from here and we eventually shipped them home. Of all the things we shipped home these were the only ones that had any damage. One of the snow globes got broken and caused a key chain to discolour and actually break at the loop. Even so, we still managed to get plenty of things from here that were damage free.

Marion and Andrew

A small side story, which I thought had happened some other day, but it all happened on this same day. While at the last bus stop everyone had gone to the toilet. Marion had given Andrew her bag to look after. Andrew had put the bag down in a place he felt would be in Marion’s line of sight as she exited he toilets and walked off. He expected Marion to see it and pick it up when she came out of the toilet, but she hadn’t. So when they realised the bag was missing they jumped into a Taxi (while we were doing the Maid of the Mist cruise) and driven back to retrieve it. To this day Andrew blames Marion for leaving her bag behind, but I think we all know it was Andrew’s fault. Bloody idiot.

It was raining all day but it had eased a little while we did the cruise. From the Maid of the Mist gift shop we walked along the edge towards the Horseshoe Falls. We took many photos while we walked and many of those photos had Andrew in them. He had an infuriating knack of walking into our images and he didn’t add anything to the shot.


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