Niagara Falls – Part 3

The Canadian Horseshoe Falls

Getting Dark at the Horseshoe Falls

We finally got to the Canadian Horseshoe falls and we wanted to go behind the falls to have a look. But first I wanted to see the bus timetable so we could take control of things and plan when and where we were going. It turned out that we had missed the 2nd last bus back to Toronto and were stuck here for several hours more. I am 100% certain that I swore when I read that! Marion and Andrew still wanted to go to the casino to get some cards (a simple loyalty card you can get at any casino). So with all this extra time we did the behind the falls thing, alone.

Tunnel System Behind the Falls

Journey Behind the Falls

Once again it was nice to get away from the two of them for some alone time. Behind the falls were man made tunnels which had two openings behind the Horseshoe falls and an open area where you could get outside right next to them. We had plenty of tourist photos taken while we were down there. As we returned to the surface again we exited into the gift shop, just like the Maid of the Mist. And once again we saw both Marion and Andrew waiting in the shop. I think it was at this point we were sick of them.

Niagara at Dusk

As I said they wanted to go to the casino, so you would think they would know how to get there, but they didn’t. We walked out of the building we were in, around it and back in, only to go upstairs and cross over a walk bridge to a seated escalator. Marion is afraid of heights and this escalator scared her. It only went up a bank over a distance of maybe 20 metres. It wasn’t a shear drop or anything but she didn’t like it.

We went into the casino and they had no idea where to go to get the cards or to have diner. Apparently they didn’t come in this way previously so they weren’t sure where to go. We found where to get the cards which was inside the gambling area. Kim and I don’t like to gamble and we don’t really like casinos, but we suffered through it. Marion and Andrew thought we could eat at the buffet, but when we walked past it, it was chocker block full of people so we said no to that idea. We didn’t want to get stuck waiting and miss the last bus back to Toronto. We ended up eating in a pub sort of arrangement downstairs. The food was good and me being me shouted Marion and Andrew to dinner.


3 thoughts on “Niagara Falls – Part 3

  1. Sonel

    You sure had a memorable time there Colin and love the photo of you and Kim. Your posts reminded me of the time we went down to my mom’s cabins at the sea and they were actually right by the sea but nooooo….mom and stepdad and their brats wanted to go to hell and gone to a beach hours from there and of course moi had to do all the cooking and cleaning. That wasn’t a holiday at all and since then I refuse to go on any holiday with anyone, especially family. 🙂

    I don’t like casino’s either and waiting in line is also not one of my favourite things to do. I’d much rather walk around in nature for hours photographing things I see. 😀

  2. Colin Butterworth Post author

    Families can be the hardest people to travel with. It is far easier to travel with just Kim, or Kim and our son. At least we don’t have to try and work around everyone and do what the group wants.

    I feel for you and your family holiday. It makes no sense to travel to a beach when you have one on your doorstep. I quite like your use of “Little Brats”. That doesn’t get used enough these days. 🙂

  3. Sonel

    Indeed Colin and I agree. I would much rather travel with my own little family and that’s my hubby and sons and furry kid. I also don’t like travelling in groups or tours. I want to do my own thing and go where I please. 😀

    Luckily that was the first and the last Colin. I’ve always been the black sheep in the family because I say how I feel and I don’t have any patience with kids like that. I’ve been raised with lots of discipline and not the nice kind and won’t ever do that to my kids but I believe children should have manners. The little brats didn’t have any and got everything they wanted and screamed if they couldn’t get their way. I don’t stand for things like that. 😀

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